Product Development

Product Development

Preclinical research program

Our preclinical research program is focused on the use of follistatin to treat lung diseases with an inflammatory and fibrotic component. A number of contract research agreements are in place to generate pre-clinical data in well-established animal models of lung disease.

Current and planned studies will enable Paranta Biosciences to finalize selection of the company’s lead indication by the middle of 2012.

Clinical grade follistatin

Paranta Biosciences is developing a recombinant cell line capable of supporting the manufacture of clinical grade recombinant human follistatin under GMP conditions. A contract for cell line development was awarded to a North American company in November 2011.

Collaborations with Monash University

Paranta Biosciences has a very strong and active collaborative relationship with Monash University and affiliated medical and pharmaceutical institutes. This relationship provides the company with access to a broad range of clinical and scientific expertise to support the development of follistatin as a biotherapeutic. It also provides Paranta Biosciences with access to a research pipeline that spans a broad range of indications that provide the company with potential new IP opportunities.

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