About Paranta


Paranta Biosciences is an Australian based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company. Paranta is developing PB01 (recombinant human follistatin-288) for the treatment of fibrotic and inflammatory diseases.
The company commenced operations in 2011 with the aim of commercialising intellectual property relating to pioneering research by Monash University on follistatin. This initial research has been pivotal for Paranta’s selection and subsequent clinical development of PB01 as a novel biotherapeutic. The development of PB01 has advanced significantly whereby the product is now in phase I clinical trials.
Paranta Biosciences retains close working relationships with Monash University and the Hudson Institute of Medical Research (formerly Monash Institute of Medical Research and the Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research), and a number of their affiliated medical research and clinical groups.
Paranta has collaborations with Australian and international research groups across a range of clinical indications for PB01 including, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, organ preservation and ischemia reperfusion injury.

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